Featuring 1070 MBPS Bandwidth And
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions


Hosted on Top-Quality Servers

We use Silicon Graphics servers and Netscape Enterprise Server software which has won more awards than any other server product. Our Network is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to get almost zero downtimes.

Highest Bandwidth Facility

We are privileged to have the highest bandwidth facility of its kind in the world! We are connected to a "GIGA-CENTER" in Silicon Valley, California. This Server Center has Over 1 Giga Bits per Second (1070 MBPS!) Bandwidth coming out of it to the rest of the Internet


An auto responder will send an automatic reply back to the sender. So, when your customer sends email to '', your email server will send an email back to your customers automatically, containing the text you specify. It also sends the message to you, so you can respond if it looks like you need to. And again, unlike most of our competition, it’s Free.

CGI Access and CGI scripts

CGI(Common Gateway Interface) scripts are used to provide things like counters, form responses, guest books, and many other things. All accounts can setup a cgi-local directory inside your home directory in which you can place your own custom CGI scripts This directory can be used to set up scripts that you write or find elsewhere on the web. If you use FrontPage 98, some of the scripts like hit counter, guest book, mail form, discussion forum, are already built into the program.

Control Panel

All users have access to your web-based Control Panel which allows you to set mail forwarding options, change your password and more. You can set up a password protected directory that only you can view or change.


We provide CyberCash support which enables you to securely process credit card transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Data Transfer

Every time a web page, image, midi file, video, etc. is loaded, data transfer is generated. We include 3Gigabit amount of Free data transfer

Hard Drive Space

Hard Drive space refers to the amount of server drive storage specifically given to your account. This space is used to store your files that make up your web site. Each of our plans includes a fixed storage amount.

True Domain Name Registration

Multi-Data-Systems offers True Domain Web hosting accounts which means you can have your own Web address or "domain name" (eg: You will be able to ping your site directly to see if it’s up, and you can access your site any way you like, i.e. ‘ or ‘ We can handle U.S. domain name registration or transfers on your behalf. (ie: .com, .net, .org, etc.). Multi-Data-Systems can also serve non-U.S. domain names as well. You can also have additional domain names point to your account for a small additional charge.

Search Engine

It gives your web site advanced search capabilities, allowing visitors to search your web site using keywords or concepts.It is Free.

FTP Access

You will have unlimited access to your account via FTP 24-hours a day to publish files to your web site. You can work on documents, graphics, and scripts locally and then upload files to your web site when ready. You can log in with your user name and password, and update your site anytime you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While other providers may charge for this service, we provide it Free!

FrontPage 98

We offer Microsoft Frontpage extensions configured for Netscape Enterprise Server at no extra cost to you. Frontpage makes designing and maintaining a full-featured web site pretty easy compared to hand-coding. Microsoft provides direct support for all FrontPage users.

Marketing Your Site

We are not satisfied with just setting up your site. We will also show you how to market your site through upto more than 400 Search Engines and teach you some other tricks to increase traffic to your site

Perl, mSQL

We support various languages for CGI and database development. Perl is the dominant language for writing CGI scripts. mSQL (mini SQL), is a database engine designed to provide fast access to stored data. We provide the tools to create a searchable database. Additional programming is needed to implement a fully functional web-to-database interface.


Providers of news, entertainment, sports, and business content can create and deliver audio-based streaming multimedia content through the Internet to audiences worldwide. Real Audio now does not require a server, and even you can use their Free tools to create streaming audio over the Internet. We don’t charge a setup fee, like most other providers.

Electronic Commerce

We offer secured electronic credit card transactions and virtual storefront accounts with a Virtual Shopping Cart, so that you can have your own on-line storefront to reach millions world-wide. You can customize this script for your use. For a more detailed on-line commerce solution, Mercantec’s SoftCart is also available.

Secure Server Access

We provide full SSL secure server access at nominal charge to you! By using our server’s certificate, you save hundreds of dollars because you don’t need a certificate of your own. We are happy to say that we are one of the few hosting companies that offers a secure Netscape Enterprise Server for transferring credit-card information at nominal cost. You can make special forms to ensure security and provide your clients with safe online ordering.


You can use TrueSpeech to compress speech down to as much as 1/40th its original size. Support for TrueSpeech real-time audio is available for use in your web pages.


ParaChat provides the most advanced technology to transform a static web site into a real-time interactive community. ParaChat is a web-based 100% Java chat software that has rapidly taken hold of the Internet chat marketplace due to its ease of use and powerful

features. This is included Free!

Free Tuneup

A 5-point checkup to diagnose common Web site design and promotion mistakes.



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